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Our Services

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Our SIA-trained security guards provide rapid response to incidents on sites. Theft prevention and the removal of intruders are our top priority, securing sites and assets.

Our guards communicate with our Event Management Centre regularly to ensure a swift response and accurate detection of intruders.

Our fantastic team of static guards provide security for site access as well as performing regular patrols.

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Our security towers provide a visual deterrent to anyone scouting sites to target by their mere presence.


They provide control room operators with eyes on sites, with infrared viewing at night time and the option of a PTZ 360 degree view around towers.

They are also self-sufficient, running on renewable solar energy throughout the year. 

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Our team of SIA-trained Control Room operators are present 365 days a year, monitoring cameras from our Event Management Centre based in LLandarcy, South Wales.

We take a proactive approach to our monitoring services, conducting checks on sites even if they haven't alarmed lately. This approach adds an extra layer of security for our clients with the potential to detect suspicious activity before perpetrators even step foot on site.

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Almost every site will need facilities for staff to be able to rest, carry out paperwork or use bathroom facilities.

We offer an all-in-one approach to sites so that your welfare and security services can all be part of one package. One number to call if you ever have queries or requests without the need to handle multiple providers.


Our team of cleaners take extra care to keep our welfare units gleaming and well-stocked. 

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Our security products are not simply restricted to construction. We provide CCTV coverage for companies across the UK.

Combined with the vigilant monitoring from our team in the Event Management Centre, you will be alerted if any suspicious activity is detected on your premises. Our operators will contact law enforcement should illegal activity be recognised on your site and, in certain regions of the UK, our mobile response officers are also dispatched to attend site.

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