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An advert promoting the March Power and Protect offer from THS.

Stay ahead of impending price hikes this April by seizing the opportunity presented in our March-exclusive Power and Protect promotion!

Throughout March 2024, when you hire one of our cutting-edge solar power grids, you'll unlock complimentary CCTV monitoring for your compound. To qualify, delivery must be finalized by month's end, and the surveillance benefits will remain for the duration of your hire.

Why make the switch to a solar-powered grid?

The advantages are significant with our solar-powered microgrids. Operating as self-sustaining entities, these grids draw power from their integrated solar panels year-round, even during the dimmer winter periods. As summer approaches, a single grid can energize up to 7 cabins, offering unparalleled flexibility for remote locations.

In peak sunlight hours, our grids operate autonomously, harnessing solar energy and storing it in onboard batteries. During winter, sites still enjoy significant fuel cost reductions, with the grid maximizing power generation during shorter days and seamlessly switching to backup generators if necessary.

Spring is an ideal time to secure one of these units to navigate through the summer months. Our units generate power even under cloudy skies, ensuring continual benefits regardless of weather conditions.

Given the diverse nature of compounds, THS offers a complimentary site survey as part of the Power and Protect March promotion. This provides a valuable opportunity to tailor security solutions to your site's unique needs and receive expert guidance on asset and material protection.


Complimentary CCTV

Your complimentary CCTV solution is focused on utilizing the capabilities of the on-board PTZ camera within the Power and Protect unit, supplemented by up to 16 wireless detectors. Streaming live video exclusively from our 24/7 Event Management Centre, these cameras are meticulously maintained by our team of skilled engineers. Any alarms triggered are promptly addressed by our mobile response officers, ensuring swift and effective intervention to safeguard your premises.

At just £400 per week, you can power and safeguard your compound, ensuring staff safety and comfort while benefitting from substantial fuel savings. Embracing sustainable power sources not only benefits the planet but also positions your company as a steward of environmental responsibility, curbing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

With limited availability, act swiftly to seize this opportunity before it's gone. Complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!


Thank you for your interest.
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