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Bag yourself keyholding and monitoring for your business CCTV this June!

This July ONLY, THS are offering customers who purchase a CCTV system for their business, the chance to have keyholding and monitoring included in their package. Cameras start from as little as £24.99 a month and are perfect for offices, warehouses and foyers. Our team of highly qualified SIA licenced CCTV operators monitor alarms from the moment you lock the door to when you open up for your next day of business. Keep our team informed of your opening hours and your cameras will be proactively monitored when your workplace is closed, as well as being responded to if they do alarm. Keyholding gives you peace of mind, knowing that, should the emergency services need to access your building, or a member of staff needs assistance in entering the workplace, we won't be far away to provide access to the relevant people. Our keyholders behave with the utmost integrity and only allow access when permission is given. You decide who enters the building, providing a list of pre-approved individuals, or receiving a call if you prefer to approve on a case by case basis. Our keyholders hold SIA Security licences and have undergone thorough training to ensure that they know when it is appropriate to provide access to the building, and when not to. In the case that there is a genuine security breach, our keyholders are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle the intrusion and act accordingly, responding to the situation with professionalism and following approved procedures to avoid theft, damage or harm to any individuals or property. To find out more, get a quote or to receive a free site visit to discuss your needs, head on over to our offers page to lock down the July offer before the end of the month!

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